Many of the challenges we face in conservation are ultimately caused by humans. Therefore if we are to be successful in the long-term conservation of wildlife and natural resources we have to work with people so they see the benefits of conservation.

Conservation Education for Children

Vic Falls Wildlife Trust brings local school children in Victoria Falls and the surrounding rural areas to its facilities to have a day of fun and learning in the bush. Every week VFWT collects a group of approximately 20 children from a local school. Many of the local schools have environmental clubs that organize students interested in conservation to participate. The children have the opportunity to meet wildlife ambassadors and discuss the benefits of wildlife and its importance . More

Conservation Courses

VFWT works with local stakeholders to improve local knowledge of wildlife and conservation. Every year VFWT selects the top twenty rural students from the weekly conservation education program, for a one week long course highlighting careers and fun activities to for children interested in conservation. The goal of this program is to foster every child’s interest in their respective careers and highlight the importance of conservation. In time we hope these children will be involved in the local tourism industry in various disciplines.

This year VFWT will also be working with Children in the Wilderness (CITW) to train local educators on conservation. Thirty local teachers will be selected for a one week long training course to help enhance primary school curriculum with current scientific concepts and conservation issues. Every teacher will be provided with work plans to augment their lessons and assist them in improving the education of local children.

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Litter Removal

Victoria Falls is a major destination in Africa for tourists from around the world. Unfortunately the town has major problems with dumping of rubbish. VFWT employ a team of guys who collect the rubbish from set routes six days a week. In the last year they have collected more than 7000 large bin bags worth of rubbish. Working with other local organizations we aim to reduce the litter through education and penalties. In time we hope to establish a recycling centre that can also decrease the amount of rubbish going into the landfill. A very big thank you to Wild Horizons and Shearwater Adventure Company for sponsoring these litter removal team members.

Community Animal Health and Welfare Centre

For many rural Africans, your livelihood depends on your livestock and your crops. However, most of these people lack the capacity to be able to provide routine vaccinations and treatments to their animals. VFWT together with Veterinarians for Animal Welfare Zimbabwe (VAWZ) recently opened a Centre for these community members to bring their animals to for veterinary care, vaccinations, and sterilizations.

If we are able to improve the health of the animals that people are living with, then we can often improve the health of the individuals in the community and often the health of wildlife that may be interfacing with the domestic animals. For more information about the Centre please click here

School Supplies

This is a project where the Vic Falls Wildlife Trust works with one school close to the Sanctuary to assist it by providing school supplies. As clients come out to Victoria Falls, they may bring pens, pencils, books, exam sheets, etc and donate it to the Trust to give to the school. VFWT helps to distribute the educational items so each student benefits from this program through use of the pens, pencils, and notebooks. Over time a library is established and a reading program. This not only brings goodwill from the community, it is one of the few opportunities children in a rural area have for learning and being able to further their education and eventually their careers. As the program grows and we are able to get funding and additional donations of school supplies we are able to expand the reach of this project to include more schools, and of course more students. Every student then has the tools to be able to attend school and have the opportunity to learn.


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