Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust believes a holistic approach to conservation is necessary to protect southern Africa’s majestic wildlife. We employ best science, community participation, and visionary and practical management in our anti-poaching efforts, wildlife conservation, rescue and rehabilitation, human-wildlife conflict mitigation, and research to prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases. We’re synergistically stewarding a culture of coexistence with wildlife throughout the region among local communities, NGOs, wildlife agencies and others.

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Rescue and Rehabilitation Program

The Trust works to conserve all wildlife. In cases in which wildlife has been injured or orphaned due to human interference we will assist in looking after that animal. Learn More

In this section: Fighting Wildlife Crime,  Sylvester the Cheetah,  Judge the Vulture


Wildlife Research

The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust believes that wildlife research plays a key role in finding sustainable solutions for long term conservation. Increasing human populations places strains on environmental resources, including wildlife habitat. Learn More

In this section: Lion Research,  Human Wildlife Conflict: Predators,  Human Wildlife Conflict: ElephantRhino Conservation,  Vulture Conservation


Wildlife Disease and Forensics Laboratory

The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust has established a Wildlife Disease Diagnostics and Forensics laboratory in Victoria Falls National Park. The laboratory is a field station laboratory that aims to look at zoonotic and transboundary animal diseases. Learn More

In this section: Disease Surveillance & Monitoring,  Wildlife Forensics

Children’s Education

Community Outreach

Many of the challenges we face in conservation are ultimately caused by humans. Therefore if we are to be successful in the long-term conservation of wildlife and natural resources we have to work with people so they see the benefits of conservation. Learn More

In this section: Conservation EducationCommunity Animal Health & Welfare Centre

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