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Elephants drink from the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe's Zambezi National Park

We’re nearly halfway to our challenge grant! I’m optimistic we can reach it, but we really need your help to support advanced technologies to enhance cross-border wildlife conservation efforts and secure Zambezi National Park..

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A new year of innovative, ground-breaking conservation programs is approaching, including a new initiative to help secure Zimbabwe’s Zambezi National Park by integrating SMART technology, Earthranger, and AI camera traps with on-the-ground efforts to enhance the Park’s operational capacity by allowing them to target key poaching hotspots and adapt to real-time incidents.

Recognizing that wildlife crime transcends borders, we will also provide collaborative investigative support with Zambian wildlife investigators across the border and in Zimbabwe. Wildlife investigations team will be able to utilize new software to develop a wildlife crime database to improve efforts in pinpointing illegal wildlife trade offenders and disrupting wildlife crime. Moving into 2024, our focus is to extend its use across Northwest Zimbabwe and gradually scale it up nationwide.

Your year-end support is crucial for implementing these advanced technologies so we can enhance cross-border wildlife conservation efforts and secure Zambezi National Park.

By supporting our work in 2024, you’ll directly empower our teams with the necessary skills, resources, and cutting-edge tools to proficiently and rapidly respond to critical incidents, stopping illegal wildlife trafficking and protecting our most endangered species. And the first $5,000 in donations between now and year-end will be matched by a very generous Florida donor!

Thank you from all of us at Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust. Together, we are creating a wild future together.

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For Wild Africa, 

Jessica Dawson CEO

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