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Rocket stoves are saving Zimbabwe’s forests, wildlife, and people. Watch this video to see how!

Timber wood poaching for firewood is the leading cause of deforestation in Zimbabwe; 262,000 hectares (647,416 acres) of precious woodlands are lost annually. This results in soil erosion and, ultimately, climate disruption and ecosystem collapse.

Traditionally, women bear the burden of collecting firewood. The process is time-consuming; the women are forced to walk farther into the bush to find firewood as nearby sources disappear. It can also be unsafe; sometimes they encounter dangerous wildlife and cooking with firewood causes respiratory diseases.


Rocket stoves are helping women change their destinies. In conjunction with My Trees, Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust is distributing 4,360 rocket stoves to families in northwest Zimbabwe who are not connected to the national electricity grid. This includes disadvantaged communities and people with disabilities.

These efficient and hot-burning stoves use small-diameter branches and kindling, thereby reducing the amount of firewood collected for cooking by 70%. The amount of carbon released into the atmosphere is also minimized.

Rocket stoves will free up time so women can focus on family activities or seek other income generation. Reducing the smoke generated will help improve their health as well as their children’s. Each stove will save 5-6 tons of carbon each year, that’s between 25,000 – 26,000 tons through the course of the entire project – per year!

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, My Trees has partnered with a carbon partner who will pay a dollar amount for each carbon credit, and a percentage of those proceeds will go to Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust. Eventually, the Victoria Falls City Council hopes to develop and improve electricity infrastructure.

Our goal today is to raise $20,000 to secure a $20,000 match and kick-start this initiative. These tiny stoves can save our forests and wildlife and improve our people’s lives. They might save the world!

I hope you will help. As always, we’re counting on you. Thank you!

For Wild Africa,

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Jessica Dawson

Executive Director

P.S. Watch the moving testimonials of Vivian Mlambo and Princess Moyo to see how these rocket stoves are transforming their lives.

Photo Credits: Rhino (Monique Adams); Wildebeest; Crowned cranes and White-headed vulture (Roger MacDonald)

In case you missed it, here’s our 2021 Annual Impact Report. It’s an impressive snapshot of how your support has made a meaningful difference to Zimbabwe’s wildlife, landscapes, and people. Contact if you would like to receive a printed copy.

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