Due to the recent challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, the community around Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe has suffered significant losses of income and jobs in the tourism sector.  As the town is situated in Victoria Falls National Park and is adjacent to Zambezi National Park, everyone that lives in the area depends upon tourism for employment.

In an effort to ensure that our Natural Resources are protected and conserved during these challenging times, we have secured support from the IUCN Save Our Species co-funded by the European Union to assist the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority and local Anti-Poaching Units to be able to provide sustainable livelihoods for their rangers, and improve their capacity and management.

Impi Snare removal
IMPI Snares found

As we are fortunate to have roughly half the remaining African savanna elephant population on our doorstep and a wide range of biodiversity, this project will work to ensure these are conserved and the natural resources of the region are protected.  We continue to work with sustaining rural livelihoods in a separate project focusing on alleviating human-wildlife conflict.

Together our community will get through this and we will work to conserve the flora and fauna of the Victoria Falls region so that it remains intact for the future.

With the support of IUCN Save Our Species, co-funded by the European Union

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