In Appeal


An extraordinary wildlife experience is very likely what brought you to the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust’s family. As in all families, no amount of passing time changes the fact that we’re still family. And families stick together.

Our friends and family have inspired each and every redeeming moment in this challenging and unforgiving year. Everyone went above and beyond for us this year, amidst their own trials, anxieties and schedules. For thatwe thank you allWe will not soon forget this.

As the New Year approaches, we are excited to see all eyes pointed on the intersection of wildlife and humans – a result of the pandemic. The illegal wildlife trade, diseases that jump between wildlife, domestic animals and humans, high care rehabilitation for diseased or injured animals, and human upliftment all play a part in a healthy and sustainable planet – and are all the foundation of The Trust’s work.

Please support our year-end efforts to help our recent additions to our wildlife family. (Keep scrolling for details.) Any amount – small or large – is important and much appreciated. For it is only with donations from our friends and family that we can create a healthy coexistence for wildlife and people.

Happy Holidays from your family at Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust. We can’t wait until we see you again one day so that we may thank you in person for standing by us.

May the New Year is kinder to us all.


For Wild Africa,

Jessica Dawson

Executive Director

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