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Livestock that isn’t secured at night in mobile predator-poof bomas run the risk of being killed by lions like this cow in above i. Above right, a Community Guardian chases lions away using a vuvuzela – a loud, screeching horn.


COVID has caused widespread famine in rural communities on the outskirts of Victoria Falls. There are no government bailouts here and no foreign currency with which to buy food. The absence of tourism and a country-wide lock down means no income for rural homesteads.

Add to these challenges hyperinflation, a prolonged drought, daily struggles with lion and hyena that kill free-ranging livestock, or crop-raiding elephant that can destroy a family’s food supply for the year, and people are tuning more and more to poaching to feed their families.

The impacts of COVID on rural people are expected to carry on at least to March/April of next year and VFWT is working with these communities to make sure people and wildlife come out on the other side of this. By developing better methods to grow and defend crops, protect livestock, and promote food security and healthy livelihoods, we can build resiliency in rural areas.

We’re trying to raise $17,000, which will allow us to ramp up our Rural livelihood Program. Your support will provide more mobile predator-proof bomas to the community, protect crops and provide food security to rural people, and will help chase wildlife like elephants, lions and other animals out of harms way.

Robust and resilient livelihoods are critical if these rural communities are to survive COVID, improve their socioeconomic challenges, and safely coexist with wildlife.

Please, give a gift today to ensure a future for Zimbabweans and the iconic wildlife that share the landscape.

Thank you, for everything you do.

Jessica Dawson
Executive Director

COVID is disproportionately disrupting livelihoods and health care systems for women, and even more significantly single mothers.

For Sicelisiwe Tshuma, a single, female head of household in Monde village just outside of Victoria Falls town, there is less time for agriculture activities being a single parent in charge of all care responsibilities.

On top of feeding a family of 7, years of drought and a failing economy has compounded the heart-breaking realities for Sicelisiwe during the extraordinary time of COVID.

Your support will empower women like Sicelisiwe so that they can control their own fate as they navigate this pandemic and build resilience to better face the the next crisis.

Consider Joining Friends of the Wild – our monthly giving circle.

Monthly giving is incredibly important to an organization like Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust. The beauty of a sustaining giving pledge is that It provides a reliable stream of income. Your donation directly protects Africa’s iconic wildlife because there’s less administration and fundraising costs associated with a recurring commitment.

It’s also less work for you – your credit or debit card will automatically be billed. All you have to do is sit back and know that we’re using your investments wisely, quickly and with great results. If your situation changes, you can decrease, increase or cancel your membership at any time.

It’s a win-win for everyone, especially if you need to spread out your support so that it doesn’t impact your wallet all at once.

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