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My name is Roger Parry and I am the Wildlife and Research Manager at Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust. I am reaching out to you today to personally ask you to Join Friends of the Wild, our monthly giving circle. We have an amazing opportunity to share with you: All new “Friends of the Wild” members will have their first month’s gift matched – up to $2500!

Monthly giving is incredibly important to an organization like Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust. The beauty of a sustaining giving pledge is that It provides a reliable stream of income. Your donation directly protects Africa’s iconic wildlife because there’s less administration and fundraising costs associated with a recurring commitment.

It’s also less work for you – your credit or debit card will automatically be billed. All you have to do is sit back and know that we’re using your investments wisely, quickly and with great results. If your situation changes, you can decrease, increase or cancel your membership at any time.

It’s a win-win for everyone, especially if you need to spread out your support so that it doesn’t impact your wallet all at once.

Watch this presentation on animals rescued and rehabilitated so far this year.

Here’s a few things your support will accomplish over the course of a year:

  • $25/month will save another elephant, leopard, or warthog from an agonizing death by snaring.
  • $50/monthwill cover health care needs for one animal in our High Care Wildlife Rehabilitation Center or one rhino during field immobilizations.
  • $125/month will feed one of our outreach ambassador animals or pay for one after-school Eco-club.
  • $250/monthwill feed an animal in rehab for a year or will support mileage costs for our vulture population surveys and lion research costs.
  • $500/monthwill cover our livelihood protection program including the 24/7 conflict hotline, mobile bomas for livestock, and feeding our wildlife rangers
  • $1,000/monthwill fund our wok combating the spread of zoonotic diseases, or will cover all of our drug needs for rescue and rehabilitation, or will support our elephant and lion collaring needs so that we can mitigate problem animal encounters in fields and rural communities.

And anything in between will be put to good use. Whatever you can manage, a commitment will make a meaningful difference in our work, will have immediate results, and will lay the ground for sustained success for the remainder of 2020.

I will send personal monthly updates on what we’ve been able to do with your support so that you celebrate the difference you will make.

I hope I can count on you, that wildlife and surrounding communities can count on you. Become a Friends of the Wild member today! And remember, first time, first month Friends of the Wild Memberships will be matched – up to $2,500.

Thank You for your support!

Roger Parry
Wildlife and Research Manager

Ricky Dampers, a self-taught wildlife artist based in Harare, Zimbabwe, started drawing cartoon characters as a young child. As his passion for animal welfare and wildlife conservation grew, Dampers’ wildlife portraits came to life. He donates his art to raise funds for Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust. Visit Ricky’s Facebook page to see more of his amazing wildlife pieces, as well as human and pet portraits.

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