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Friends of Sylvester,

On the anniversary of Sylvester’s passing, almost to the day, a 2011 production of Jack Hanna’s “Into the Wild” was rerun on television. In it, Jack visited the Trust and spent special time in the bush with our Sylvester. I started thinking about the timing of this and wondered – was this serendipity?

It was bittersweet to watch the episode; it doesn’t matter how long it’s been, his absence is never far away. That day will forever remain a profoundly sad one; Sylvester is still very dearly missed. And then I thought that it would be appropriate to celebrate his life by reaching out to everyone with the amazing news about his legacy fund.

In recognition of Sylvester’s life-long work, some of his most ardent fans joined together after his death and launched Sylvester’s Legacy Fund . On the anniversary of his passing, it seems appropriate to announce that, to date, $72,461.80 has been raised in memory of Sylvester. These funds continue to honor his ambassadorship by providing the much needed support to further our important work. Sylvester would be proud.

We continue to be overwhelmed with emails and phone calls from all of the people around the globe who remember special moments spent with Sylvester. And for that, I thank you. We must keep his memory alive, and ensure his legacy – our conservation work – thrives.

We send our heart-felt gratitude to all who have donated and supported this beautiful gesture and ask that you please consider an anniversary gift in honor of this adored and magnificent cheetah.

With deep gratitude, always,

Jessica Dawson

Executive Director

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