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We’re Almost There! Only $1,865 left to go, but less than 9 hour to do it!

Seasons Greetings!
As we await the arrival of a New Year filled with hope and promise, we’re fastly approaching our year-end challenge goal of $15,000. In just a few short days, we’ve raised $13,135! We’re nearly there thanks to our donors and friends.
We just need one more push; we have less than 9 hours to go to raise $1,856 – and I know we can do it . Through your generosity and compassion, I’m sure we’ll reach our goal and hit the New Year running. YOU are wildlife’s greatest gift and this year and I hope we count on you to carry us over the finish line. Thank you!
To inspire you, here are just a few of the remarkable ways Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust used your coveted support in 2019.

We trained 28 wildlife officials in crime scene investigation techniques and evidence collection, helping to bring more poachers to justice.

We rescued more than 20 animals from snares including buffalo, waterbuck, lion, warthog, impala, kudu and elephant.

This elephant somehow ended up with a tire around its neck, probably form rummaging around at the garbage dump.

We immobilized, ear notched, microchipped and assessed the health of 53 rhino – and – we saw our rhino populations stable, increasing by 5%!

We effectively stopped all predation on livestock by lions and other carnivores through our mobile bomas program.

We developed a lab technique using DNA to identify geographic origin of poached elephant ivory which, helps improve conviction rates and allows us to alert others of poaching activity.

750+ rural schoolchildren visited our facilities to learn about relevant conservation issues.

We vaccinated 1,100+ rural dogs against rabies and distemper to prevent outbreaks in our wildlife populations.

Our Community Guardians program helped prevent elephant conflict in communal lands adjacent to wildlife areas.

As you can see, 2019 was a great year for conservation in Zimbabwe. It’s clear that, because of you, our efforts are working. As we move into the New Year, we have three areas of urgent need for which we’re going to need your renewed support. Please, consider a year-end gift so that we can keep up with the increasing conservation demands and protect the wildlife that brought you to Africa or The Trust in the first place .
Here’s how we will put your end of year donation to work in 2020.
With more than 50 years under his belt, the unavoidable retirement from the field for our veterinarian Dr. Chris Foggin will require a good succession plan. We desperately need a junior veterinarian in 2020 to start a multi-year apprentice with Chris to ensure that we can continue to help wildlife with expert medical care.

Because of excessive drought and a deteriorating economic situation, we’re seeing an increasing amount of snaring for meat in Zimbabwe resulting in a $10,000 shortage for our December/January rescue and rehabilitation budget. Your support will allow us to get farther into the bush more often so that we can rescue more animals.

We need a vehicle dedicated to wildlife rescue and research so that we react faster and increase our reach.

Your year-end, tax-deductible donation could save the life of an elephant, rhino, pangolin…..or any other of a number of species. You give and The Trust goes to work. Together, we save lives and make a difference. Thank you for considering Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust in your giving plans this year . It means the world to all of us.
Thank you – for everything. Without you, our work stops.
Jessica Dawson
Executive Director

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