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Why should you support our LION CONSERVATION and RESEARCH work this Giving Tuesday when there are so many worthy organizations and causes around the globe?

Well, lions are critical for maintaining ecosystem health. Herbivore populations explode in the absence of predators. As the vegetation is over-grazed, seed banks disappear and landscapes change. The diversity of species declines and the entire ecosystem changes until there’s nothing left for herbivores to eat, and human settlements often fragment traditional migration routes to new feeding grounds. Lions are crucial yet are disappearing at an alarming rate .

Your support goes a long way.

  • $120 will save a snared lion from a slow and painful death.
  • $350 will keep one of our Community Guardiansequipped to prevent human-wildlife conflict for a year.
  • $1,450 provides fuel for a year for our lion conservation efforts.
  • $3,500 provides a satellite collar for a year’s worth of monitoring and research.

Results are immediate and measurable: You donate and we get to work; it’s that simple.

  • A snared lion is rescued, treated if necessary and released.
  • The Community Guardianconflict hotline is manned 24/7, guardians deployed in a moment if necessary
  • A lion is collared and we begin collecting data about its movements, habits and interactions with people in rural and communal areas.

Please don’t let the African lion’s roar disappear from the landscape . We’re 20% of the way to our goal already; we can do this!

When you support Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, you become part of a global community of amazing people dedicated to a better tomorrow for humans and wildlife. You’re quickly and truly making a difference.

Thank you, for everything .

For wild Africa,
Jessica Dawson
Executive Director
P.S You can read more here about why lions are struggling in Africa, and here to learn more about what we’re doing to help ensure the lion’s roar is heard from years to come. Thank you for your support!

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