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Good news on elephant conservation!
Dear Friend,
Because of the generous spirit ­of our friends from all around the world, Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust is doing some pretty heavy lifting when it comes to elephant conservation throughout southern Africa. We have some good news to share: a new IUCN study finds that the number of elephants dying from poaching is declining . I wanted to pause and just say… thank you for your support and your confidence in our work!  
It is the role of Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust to provide the best science on elephant ecology and movements, and effective mitigation practices so that the best management decisions are made.
We’re counting on you to help us do just that.
Please give a gift today to help Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust. The present and future of these wonderful, iconic giants is in your hands; together, we have a real chance to save them!
For wild Africa,
Jessica Dawson
Executive Director


Leon Varley is lacing up his boots again for Walking for Wild: a 140-km long and winding trek will take him from the tourist Mecca of Victoria Falls to the very Western reaches of Lake Kariba – the world’s largest man-made lake and reservoir.
This is the seventh year Leon has undertaken the twenty-four-hour endurance walk to Msuna and, together with the Walking for Wild team, he’s managed to raise more than US$70,000. The money raised has gone towards various VFWT programs, including snared animal rescue, wildlife rescue rehabilitation and mitigating community-animal conflict.
Stay tuned for updates and visit Facebook for a countdown to July 16th when he launches from Victoria Falls. You can read more about Walking for Wild here.

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