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The Tail of Sylvester – October 2018

Hi Friends,

Sorry to have stayed away so long but I’ve been a busy ambassador cat since we last connected. I’m excited at long last for a chance to catch up!

Because of your support, I’ve been able to connect with nearly 4,000 new friends so far this year, including hundreds of school kids from all the rural schools in the Victoria Falls vicinity. One of the little darlings told her teacher it was her favorite day ever, and that she wanted to save cheetahs when she grows up! Maybe she’ll be a biologist, or a park ranger……wouldn’t that be purrrrfect?!? Read more…

More than 600 guests from all over the world that stay at the magnificent Elephant Camp have joined me on my early morning and late afternoon walks this year. Each visitor who accompanies me on my bush rambles makes a valuable donation to help cover my upkeep and veterinary costs. Some of these folks even become loyal supporters to Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, which moves me beyond words. Read more…

On one of these walks last week, I got myself into a bit of a pickle. I spotted a young waterbuck and, against my better judgement and the watchful eye of my handlers, I chased it. Unbeknownst to me, mom was close by and she bloody well came after me – can you believe it? It was all rather sweet, although not the outcome I expected – clearly. I had to turn and race back to the safety of human brothers who are always having to look out for me.

In fact, my care and upkeep are never far from my handlers’ and keepers’ thoughts. From food, to water, to vitamins, dental and veterinary care – it takes a village to make sure I thrive and I have handlers, keepers and veterinary staff working around the clock to do well by me.
Read more…

On a more serious note… cheetahs need your help. The biggest threat we face is habitat loss and fragmentation caused by explosive population, increasing land demands for commercial and subsistence farming, and livestock grazing.

Another threat that cheetah face is the illegal trafficking of wild cheetah cubs for the exotic pet trade (owning a pet cheetah is a symbol and status of wealth) and cheetah body parts marketed to tourists as souvenirs. Read more…

As an Ambassador Cheetah, I play a vital role in educating and creating awareness about the plight of my spotted family across Southern Africa.

I know that the 4,000+ people I meet personally each year and thousands more on social media can make a difference and help me elevate awareness that will generate change through strict protections and best management practices for the cheetah populations that remain. With your support, we can begin to tackle the problems that cheetah face in Africa today.

It takes approximately US$ 30,000 to support my habits, and me, each year.

A small price to pay for such a charismatic carnivore – don’t you agree?

My family at Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust are getting an early jump on fundraising for my care and keep in 2019. If each one of you can chip in $50, $100, or more, my costs for the year would be covered. If that’s more than you’re able, any amount will help and go along way to making sure I have the best and live a long and happy life. Thank you.

To all of you who continue to send their love, support, stories and best wishes, hopefully our paths will soon cross again.

Your friend,

Cheetah Ambassador

Want to make a difference? Knowledge is power!
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The Tail of Sylvester – October 2018

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