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September 2018 Newsletter


  • An orphaned 3 week old bushbuck was brought into our high care rehabilitation center
  • Recent Snare removals from 2 elephant
  • Latest Rhino Operations update
  • Collaring elephants to mitigate human wildlife conflict
  • Surveying Vulture nests for conservation
  • Our Conservation Education Program is expanding
  • Update on our Community Guardian Program to reduce conflict with wildlife
  • Regional wildlife Forensics Training Update
  • Recent events held in Victoria Falls

Dear Friends,

As this newsletter came to life, I became conscious of how proud I am of the conservation work Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust is doing. I also felt a deep urge to celebrate the extraordinary people whose selfless support is making a difference in protecting Africa’s biodiversity. Our work and accomplishments are a testament to our donors around the globe and the conservation heroes working to achieve our mission. Together, we’re navigating the pressures and conflict between a growing human population and the wildlife that is forced to share the landscape.

It’s no wonder that I’m not mindful of this more consistently. Sometimes here, we see the seemingly worst parts of humanity in snaring, poaching, poisonings, etc. But reflecting on our accomplishments reminds me that many more lend their voice and give their support time and time again to ensure our mission has a fighting chance. And let’s not forget those working tirelessly on the ground 24/7 to save the lives of Africa’s iconic wildlife – a sometimes very dangerous job.

You’ll read about all of this in this September newsletter issue. I hope you’re as inspired as I am and that this will inspire your continued confidence in our work, along with it your renewed support.

Thank you for making this all possible.

For wild Africa,

Jessica Dawson


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