"Only if we understand can we care. Only if we care will we help. Only if we help shall they be saved" - Jane Goodall

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Making a difference

Our Mission

The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance and promote environmental conservation in Southern Africa through hands-on wildlife research; management of a wildlife veterinary diagnostic laboratory and rehabilitation facility; the education and empowerment of local peoples in the sustainable utilization of indigenous resources through active involvement in conservation training and community outreach programs

Based at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, the Trust is dedicated to protecting the area’s unique indigenous fauna and flora, in collaboration with appropriate Authorities, local communities and other stakeholders. Projects include but are not limited to, rehabilitation of injured or orphaned wildlife, anti poaching and wildlife veterinary assistance where required, assisting with community based projects, and a children's conservation education program.

The objectives of the organization are:

  • To find sustainable solutions for communities and wildlife to co-exist
  • To determine veterinary disease prevalence and assist in disease management and prevention
  • To facilitate the conservation education of local communities
  • To work with stakeholders to understand wildlife conservation drivers and form regional natural resource management strategies

There are four areas in which our projects focus: Community Outreach and Training, Wildlife Research, Veterinary Laboratory, Wildlife Rehabilitation

If we are to ever be able to conserve wildlife, we have to be able to work with local communities that are directly affected by wildlife and find ways in which both wildlife and humans benefit. VFWT's Community Outreach and Training program works with local communities to mitigate human wildlife conflict and provide conservation education training as well as a range of other projects aimed to improve self-sustainability.

Wildlife Research projects look at understanding various species and causes of their decline or improvement and then evaluating the factors that are occurring to try and find sustainable solutions for conserving all species. A key part of these projects is finding ways for humans and wildlife to live together and reduce conflicts between them.

VFWT recently established a Wildlife Veterinary Laboratory and clinic. The aim of this facility to have a field research station in an area that is endemic to wildlife and many of their diseases. Working together with local stakeholders we sample wildlife and domestic animals to gain a better understanding of disease prevalence and transmission.
VFWT believes every animal is important and therefore we run a Wildlife Rehabilitation centre to provide veterinary care to wildlife that has been injured, orphaned or abandoned due to human interference (poaching, wildlife conflict, vehicles, etc). It it our goal to be able to release every animal that comes in back into the wild.

The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust aims to make a difference. Every day.