Another baby elephant has literally 'arrived' on the doorstep of Elephant Camp (July 2004).

On the p.m. of 13th July a wild bull elephant arrived at The Elephant camp accompanied by a tiny, out-of-condition baby. The bull interacted with our elephant for a short while before wandering back into the bush leaving us with the baby to care for! So, how did the baby elephant end up with a big bull? We have no idea but he knew the perfect place to hand over an unwanted the word out amongst ellies?

Miz Ellie ran straight over to the abandoned baby and immediately assumed responsibility for him. He however prefers to join Jock in his stable at night and any chance of separating the two is small. Later named DOJI (short for MADOJWA, Ndebele for abandoned/rescued or such) now roams around as if he owns the place. He was terrified of humans at first but after the first bottle of our recipe for "orphan's delight" he commandeers the feeding times and big brave Malasha even steps back! On arrival DOJI was the same age, we suspect, but of course much thinner and not so round as Malasha and Rastas - in three weeks though he extended his size, somewhat, particularly his stomach.


Doji, our little intruder who arrived and never left, has become part of the "brat pack" herd. As Rastas has now moved up the ranks from nursery orphan herd to adulthood the two five year olds have taken over the supervising of very little Chizi who now joins them in the bush on most days to get her experience from the others that she needs whilst growing up. Doji took to the bottle of formula from day 1, never had a days illness, never needed all our love and care apart from the feeding aspect and was basically raised by Jock. Although he is very close to Malasha, Doji is very much a survivor. His tusks are longer than Malasha's, he is far more independent and although they are the same size he still has a degree of dominance over the other orphans. Our thoughts are he was alone for a lot longer than our other orphans before the wild bull who brought him in adopted him, perhaps this makes his survival instincts that much stronger - a happy elephant in constant battle with his companion.