Baby Buffalo

The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust is very happy to have been able to assist the National Parks and Wildlife Authority in rescuing a two week old baby buffalo yesterday (10 February 2009). The Buffalo was abandoned during the night near a local lodge. After giving the poor guy a little milk to build up his strength we let him rest during the heat of the day. Later in the afternoon we returned and moved the buffalo to the new Wildlife Orphanage.

Throughout the night Roger and I kept tabs on the baby buff, and continued bottle feedings. He is doing well so far, and we will continue our vigil of monitoring his progress. Often baby animals as young as this have a difficult time surviving if they have not been able to get enough colostrum from the mother which helps build up immunities to common illnesses.

Today the little guy was happily sucking down the milk powder solution we give him. We have gone to a local village and are now in search of cows that have recently given birth, and will then purchase milk from owner to be able to try and give the buffalo some milk with colostrum in it. Cows like buffalo are ungulates (multiple stomachs) so we are hoping this will aid in the buffalo's survival.