Miss Piggy

When we were phoned in October 2010 about an abandoned baby warthog we were quite surprised given that there had not been any other seen yet and the rainy season had yet to begin. Nonetheless, we followed up and found Miss. Piggy at a nearby hotel. She was in quite a bit of distress without having her mother around. She was also very young, with her umbilical cord still attached. After a long search to try and locate her mother or siblings, we gave up the search and took in the piglet.

Calling upon the services of VFWT volunteer Mrs. Doreen Posselt to assist us, we took Miss. Piggy around to Mrs. Posselt. Mrs. Posselt had kindly helped us in the past in raising other warthogs, and her extensive background with raising a range of species of wildlife is a great benefit to VFWT. Instantly, Mrs. Posselt and Miss. Piggy bonded and Miss. Piggy calmed down and took immediately to the bottle.

Over the next few months Mrs. Posselt looked after Miss. Piggy and Miss. Piggy continued to grow and fit in well with all of the animals that are a part of the Posselt family. However, once Miss. Piggy was weaned and able to be on her own, we all knew the time had come for us to move Miss Piggy and release her back into the wild as we had done before with other warthogs. So the day came in March when we loaded up Miss. Piggy, and Mrs. Posselt and her family and staff said their goodbyes to Mrs. Piggy. We then translocated Miss. Piggy out to the Wild Horizons Wildlife Orphanage and Sanctuary where she was released near people and the elephant for her to make her way out into the wild in her own time.

At the present time Miss. Piggy is still content to spend time near people. She is free to go whenever and where ever she would like. Perhaps she is still young and not ready to leave yet, and that is why she stays around humans. We hope in good time when she finds a mate she will make her way back into the wild. In the meantime we will continue to monitor Miss. Piggy, and her progress.