Community Outreach

These projects are focussed in the Monde and Chinotimba Community areas that border the facilities of the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust in Victoria Falls. The projects are aimed at promoting conservation and education.










Supplies to Schools

This is a project where the Vic Falls Wildlife Trust works with one school close to the Sanctuary to assist it by providing school supplies. As clients come out to Victoria Falls, they may bring pens, pencils, books, exam sheets, etc and donate it to the Trust to give to the school. VFWT helps to distribute the educational items so each student benefits from this program through use of the pens, pencils, and notebooks. Over time a library is established and a reading program. This not only brings goodwill from the community, it is one of the few opportunities children in a rural area have for learning and being able to further their education and eventually their careers. As the program grows and we are able to get funding and additional donations of school supplies we are able to expand the reach of this project to include more schools, and of course more students. Every student then has the tools to be able to attend school and have the opportunity to learn.


Donkey Harnesses

Donkeys in Africa have a hard life. They are the workers and the transport for many people living in rural areas. Unfortunately, the donkeys often have harnesses made out of anything from wire to to wood, which over time digs into their hide causing wounds and sores. In an effort to provide a more humane existance, the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust was kindly donated funds for sixty new donkey harnesses from the ZNSPCA.

Visiting pre-veterinary interns from overseas took the harnesses to the neighboring village where it was arranged that the owners would trade in their old harnesses for the new ones, and the interns treated any wounds or sores that the donkeys had. The day was a learning experience for everyone involved, with the interns seeing a traditional African village and the local villagers learning about the importance of care for their animals.


Erosion Control

When we moved to our new home in the Victoria Falls National Park we developed a good relationship with the local bordering communities. One of these communities was having a major problem with erosion. Over time a deep gully had developed from a Kalahari sand ridge. The gully slowly developed and in August 2009 it was more than a kilometer long stretchihng from a nearby school along our boudary fence and into the Sanctuary.

Together with the local community we developed a plan to stop the growth of the gully and to begin to fill it. We provide the chewed branches, and elephant dung from the Wild Horizons Elephant, and the community then uses the materials to fill the gully. When enough materials have been used to fill the gully and provide substantial soil structure we will plant indigenous plants, grass, trees and shrubs to ensure that the gully does not develop again.