Conservation Training

Conservation training
includes a variety of courses that the Vic Falls Trust uses to teach groups or individuals topics varying from guiding to anti-poaching.  These courses are provided to either individuals, internal employees or the private sector.   The overall aim of all the projects is to promote conservation through community awareness as well as starting at a very basic level of rescue and rehabilitation. 




Kariba Darting

Game Scout Training

In August 2008, the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust began training twenty young men from the local community to become Anti-Poaching Game Scouts.  The gentlemen were selected through the community senior kraal heads and Vic Falls Wildlife Trust Management.  When the training exercise first began the young men had not had much experience and most had not held down a job in many years.  Over the course of six weeks, the men were trained in everything from poacher apprehension to GPS navigation.  It is now three years down the line and this unit is responsible for all of the anti-poaching and security at this time.  Joint anti-poaching operations have also been undertaken with other private units and ZNPMA.  More



"Interaction and Awareness"

Vic Falls Wildlife Trust has partnered with Environment Africa to bring local school children in Victoria Falls and the surrounding rural areas to the Orphanage and Sanctuary to have a day of fun and learning in the bush. Each of the schools in Victoria Falls town boasts an established environmental club. 20 students per week involved in their school's environmental club participate in an activity for an “Interaction and Awareness” experience. More

Conservation Courses
If we are to be successful in conserving wildlife and natural resources for future generations, we have to start through education. Presently VFWT holds two courses annually for children to encourage their interest in conservation. Each course is tailored to the age group of its participants, with one course being for primary school children in grades 5-7 and the other course for senior school youth's. The courses are full scholarship bases on the performances of the children during the interaction and awareness activity hosted by VFWT every Friday throughout the school year. For those students that show a genuine desire to learn more about animals and the environment, they will be selected to be a participant of the week long course during the school holidays. More info.