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“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)


How to donate

Should you wish to make a financial donation to the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, you can do so by clicking on the button below which uses PayPal's secure online capabilities:


If you would prefer to make an international wire transfer to our Zimbabwe operation, our banking details are:-

Account Name: Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust
Barclays Bank
Branch: Victoria Falls, 2598
US Dollar Account: 1025423
Swift Code: BARCZWHX

Bank Address: 254 Livingstone Way, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

For our United States based donors, we are a registered Charity, our
EIN is 98-6061293
If you would like to send a check please do so to:
Victoria Falls Wildlife Fund
PO Box 23183
San Diego, CA

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Should you wish to make a non-monetary donation, please see our 2011 Wishlist of items we are desperately in need of:

2015 Equipment Wishlist

1. Incubator x2 (~$500+), one with CO2 (both 220V)
2. Liquid Nitrogen Portable Container (for FMD testing and tissue storage)
3. Larygnoscopes x 3 (large animal)
4. Micropipettes and tips (10-100 microliters, and 5-50 microliters)
5. -80 Deep Freeze (for storage of antigens, and critical samples)
6. Stainless steel operating table (1m x 2m), with side supports (~$1500) each
7. Hydrolic transport table/stretcher (~$1500)
8. 8 well micropipette 20-200 microliters x 1
9. Pipette Holder
10. Blades and Bone Saws for necropsy
11. Ventilation Hood (BSC II or higher)
12. Real-Time PCR machine
13. Electric (digital) scale - 0.01g - 5kg
14. Block and Tackle (Necropsy slab)
15. Spring walk on scale 0 - 100kg (~$700)
16. Suction Pump (~$250) (220V)
17. Food processor (for Pepsin Muscle Test) (220V)
18. DNA Sequencer
19. Chain Saws x2
20. Water Still (for sterile water) (220V)
21. Veterinary Fluid Warmer (~$650) (220V)
22. Nunc storage Tubes (for serum samples, 1.5ml-20ml)
23. Cytoflour Machine (measures DNA quantities)
24. 5ml Serum Tubes
25. 4 x tires for Ford Ranger
26. Disposable Transfer Pipettes (3 ml)
27. Multi-Stepper Micropipettor (10 microliters-100microliters)
28. Laboratory Safety Equipment- safety glasses, sharps containers, lab coats
29. Trailer (to use for mobile training)
30. Small refrigerator with freezer for keeping medicines and blood samples
31. Cytoflur Machine (measures DNA quantities)
32. Projector screen
33. Large wire cutters
34. Sieves (of varying sizes of micromesh)
35. Any veterinary equipment and supplies, including: needles 14-22 gauge, 2,5 10, 20 ml syringes, glass slides and cover slips, red top, purple top and green top vacutainer samples tubes, wound spray, wound powder, exit (wound spray to keep away flies), scalpels and scalpel blades, low-profile microtome blades, slide holders, bovine IgG colostrum supplement, clamps, Istat cartridges, VetScan rotors (large animal and comprehensive), Scotchcast Casting Tape (3in & 5in rolls), etc

*Please note that other than the veterinary supplies we are happy for use of second hand or used equipment as long as it is in good operating order (please remember our voltage is 220)